Friday, February 27, 2015

Joie De Vivre: Cocoa Beach

A couple of weekends ago, I was lucky enough to tag along on my husbands work trip to beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida.  We both needed a nice break to soak up some warm sun and be by the ocean, so we packed up and headed down there to spend a nice long weekend together before he had to work. 

Our hotel overlooked the Cocoa Beach Pier and we could walk to most of the places that we wanted to go, but had to drive about 12 miles down the coast to find a dog friendly beach.  It was a nice drive with lots to see and we made a point to go down there for a couple hours almost every day.  Jax was pretty  petrified of the ocean, but he enjoyed running around on the beach and meeting other dogs.  It was also a great spot to watch the surfers and fisherman.  

We spent a couple of nights hanging out on the Cocoa Beach Pier and actually got to see a rocket launch from near by Cape Canaveral on our last night. Other highlights of the trip were eating at Florida's Fresh Grill,  Sandbar Sports Grill (famous for their fish tacos and rightfully so!),  and shopping at the world's largest Ron Jon Surf Shop.  A good time was had by all, because let's face it - life is just better at the beach.  Hope you have a happy Friday and that wherever you are, you are keeping warm.  

Happiness is the sand between your toes and also on your nose ..
xo Bridget

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Going Green

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This past weekend, I became very eager for Spring and with March right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to do a fresh green post.  I love a nice, bright, fresh green anytime, but it feels best in the Spring.

xo Bridget

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grape Yogurt Salad

Last week I ran into Publix, our local grocery store, to grab some odds and ends and there was a woman sampling the weeks recipe which was Beef Shepherds Pie accompanied by a Grape Yogurt Salad.  It seemed a strange combination to me, but it really worked.  It was a cold night and the Pie was comforting to munch on while I shopped but THEN I got to the Grape Salad. Oh man, it was good.  I have put grapes in salad before, but a salad with just grapes, how cool and not to mention - delicious.  I grabbed the recipe card and tucked it away for the right day, which just happened to be yesterday.

The Grape Salad is just red grapes tossed in a mixture of honey greek yogurt and a bit of whipped cream cheese, then topped with some pecans and brown sugar. It's a great little something to have in your fridge as I feel it would go with most any meal and I also think it would be a great pot luck dish - something different!

The Grape Yogurt Salad is really the focus of this post, but I must say the Shepherds Pis is worth a try as well.  It's not your traditional recipe, but a very quick and easy variation with baked tater tots as the base and a flakey pie crust on top.

Note: I only had the block cream cheese, not the whipped, which was ok.  Just bring it to room temp and you can use a hand mixer to whip it together with the yogurt for a smooth consistency.

xo Bridget

Monday, February 23, 2015

Big Bang Workout

At the beginning of the month I flew home to surprise my dad for his birthday.  It was a nice, quiet trip where I had the chance to celebrate with my dad, hang out with my mom, and see some friends that I didn't have the chance to get together with over Christmas.  I was only there for three days, but managed to pack in a lot, including some late afternoon shopping at the mall with my mom. We spent a majority of our time in Nordstroms, where I spotted these fun workout pants.  I have been making a big effort to get back into a regular schedule at the gym, so I decided they were worth the splurge to give me that extra boost of motivation. Feeling put together and prepared at the gym always motivates me to stick around longer and take my workout up a notch .. a super comfortable and cute workout outfit helps too!

Sports Bra: Onzie
Workout Pants: Onzie
Tank Top: Ron Jon Surf Shop (love these)
Sneakers: Nike (love these)
Sweatshirt: Alternative Apparel
Sunglasses: Oxydo

xo Bridget

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Be Mine

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Although some may find it a cheesy holiday, I just love it.  I love to love, and a whole day to recognize the love I have for all the great people in my life is definitely worth celebrating to me.  Here are some sweet treats for Valentine's Day (or any time) that made me feel the love.

xo Bridget

Monday, February 2, 2015

Polished in Grey

Vest: Red 23 (shown in black)
Sweater: Puella
Leggings: Betsey Johnson (similar)
Boots: Ivanka Trump (shown in black) (similar in grey)

xo Bridget
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