Thursday, September 18, 2014

Favorite UK Purchases

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1. It's not a proper trip to the UK without a stop at Marks & Spencer.  If only we had this chain in the US.  I purchased this cute tea towel, because well, when in Rome ...

2.  These were actually my husbands purchase.  The minty ones are amazingly fragrant and awesome in the morning for waking you up.  I steal a bit of the Eucalyptus one whenever I'm in need of a spa moment.  

3.  My Brother and Sister-In-Law sent these bars to us last Christmas and they were delicious.  This year for my birthday they gave me a gift card to the chocolate shop that stocks these.  I was like a kid in a candy shop - for real.

4.  My husband would buy me these candles when we were dating, Freshly Cut Grass is his favorite scent.  I would take them back to the US with me and light them on days when I was missing him and feeling blue.  Now that we are together, we light them to remind us of the green green grass of Wales.  This candle line is so cute - I love all the different scents!

5.  There really is no comparison between British and American chocolate and I always indulge way too much when I am over.  One of my favorite things to do is walk through Tesco and check out whats new in the candy aisle.  I picked up this bag of Cadbury Mix-Ups this past trip,  It's a mix of Cadbury Chocolate bits and Maynard's Wine Gums - didn't last a day. 

6.  NEXT is one of my favorite shops to visit in the UK.  I usually can't buy too much, but it certainly is fun to get inspired by all the different styles of clothing and accessories.  My Mother-in-law treated me to this jumpsuit and I absolutely adore it.  I've worn it both out on the town and to work.   It's super comfy and easy to wear.  I think Next may even have free shipping to the states, so check it out.

7.  I'm a grey girl and I just couldn't resist this easy little shift from River Island. 

8.  I have been looking for a skirt like this for ages.  I could't find a style in the US that didn't accentuate my hips in all the wrong ways.  I can't wait to style this skirt, I'm thinking a fitted tee and some fancy flats ... 

9. A Cath Kidston Diary has become a tradition for  me.  I buy a new one every year.  It's super functional and also a daily reminder of my connection to the UK. 

10.   Silly me forgot to take some perfume on our trip.  I picked up this inexpensive one at Marks & Spencer.  It's super sweet and now that we are home I have been wearing it on and off.  The scent makes me nostalgic of our trip - crazy how scents can do that!

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