Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grape Yogurt Salad

Last week I ran into Publix, our local grocery store, to grab some odds and ends and there was a woman sampling the weeks recipe which was Beef Shepherds Pie accompanied by a Grape Yogurt Salad.  It seemed a strange combination to me, but it really worked.  It was a cold night and the Pie was comforting to munch on while I shopped but THEN I got to the Grape Salad. Oh man, it was good.  I have put grapes in salad before, but a salad with just grapes, how cool and not to mention - delicious.  I grabbed the recipe card and tucked it away for the right day, which just happened to be yesterday.

The Grape Salad is just red grapes tossed in a mixture of honey greek yogurt and a bit of whipped cream cheese, then topped with some pecans and brown sugar. It's a great little something to have in your fridge as I feel it would go with most any meal and I also think it would be a great pot luck dish - something different!

The Grape Yogurt Salad is really the focus of this post, but I must say the Shepherds Pis is worth a try as well.  It's not your traditional recipe, but a very quick and easy variation with baked tater tots as the base and a flakey pie crust on top.

Note: I only had the block cream cheese, not the whipped, which was ok.  Just bring it to room temp and you can use a hand mixer to whip it together with the yogurt for a smooth consistency.

xo Bridget

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