Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. Jax

one . two . three . four . five . six . seven . eight . nine 

While I don't know Jax's actual birthday, I am unofficially making it August 1.  He was about 4 months old when we adopted him at the end of November, so it's a pretty logical guesstimate. That, coupled with Matt and I's birthdays being in August, I thought it was fitting to make us a big ol' family of crazy leo's.  Here is a fun list of Jax's favorite things (1,3,5,6, and 7) and some things I'd love to spoil him with (2,4,8, and 9).  Seriously though, I will be making that Dog Tipi.

Here are some of my favorite pics from Jax's first year.

I've got some little treats tucked away, but the best gift of all will be a nice long walk in a pretty place with lots of great smells, how do you spoil your dog?

xo Bridget

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