Monday, September 15, 2014

Buddha Beer Vase

A couple of months ago, my husband and I came across these totally cool Lucky Buddha Beers at Kroger.  We both decided that the bottles were so interesting that we should give it a try.  The beer was pretty good, and after they were empty I really didn't have the heart to throw them away.  My crafty side had to come up with a project for these Buddha beer bottles.  Painting them seemed like a good option, so I checked out the glass paint section at Michaels and decided that this Martha Stewart Opalescent Finish in Green Tint might look pretty cool.  

For prep, I just rinsed out the bottles once they were emptied and peeled off all of the labels.  I did my best to soak and peel off the labels with water, but usually a bit of Goo Gone was required to eliminate tiny bits of sticky residue.  Once the labels were off, I gave the bottles a good rub down with some alcohol and let them dry.  The bottles shown have about three coats of paint on them.  I left about a day to dry between each coat, mostly because I had to come away - I don't actually think you need that much time between coats.  Once the final coats had a day to try - I sprayed them with a clear shiny lacquer.  I think the paint really brought out the features and details of the Buddha and I am super pleased with the results. 



I went with the most obvious choice and am using the bottles for small flower vases at the moment, but I would love to come up with some more creative uses.  If you have any fun ideas, please do share!

xo Bridget

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