Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Birkenstock Inspired

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Over the past couples of years, I have noticed Birkenstock sandals coming back into style.  Let me just tell you, Birkenstocks saved me in my youth.  I've got big feet, size 11 if I'm going to keep it real.  In high school, I found it difficult to find trendy shoes in my size.  My mom introduced me to Birkenstocks and I just loved that I could get a pattern I liked in a fun style and  most importantly they were so comfortable ( I don't do uncomfortable shoes - no no no).

Over the years, larger sizes became more available and I left my Birkenstock ways in the past.  While I was looking through Nordstroms for some cute summer sandals, I noticed all the Birkenstock inspired sandals and I am loving them.  Nordstroms is known for offering a great selection when it comes to smaller and larger shoe sizes, so I pretty much always stick to them for my shoe purchases.

The left column has four pairs from the Nordstroms website that I like and the right column are two  cute styles that Free People is offering.  I picked the two from the Free People website to show how I might wear them, sadly they both do not come in my size.

I really try to stick to daintier style shoes since I do have a larger foot, but I love the look of these so much that I am willing to step out of that box.
What do you think of this Birkenstock comeback?

xo Bridget

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