Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stamping and Embossing: Easter Card DIY

This year, I was so inspired by the Easter things I saw at the craft store that I decided to make my own Easter cards.  I love to use stamp embossing on my homemade cards.  It really makes your stamping pop and it looks really nice when you color it in.

Supplies Needed:
1. Cute paper for lining envelopes
2. Stamp Pad
3. Gel Pens
4. Washi Tape for sealing envelopes
5. Embossing Powder
6. Ruler
7. Rubber Stamps
8. Heat gun
9. Blank cards and envelopes
* Not pictured: Scissors, double sided tape and a pencil with an eraser

Step One: Stamp your design on your card.  I think the color box pigment stamp pads work best for embossing, they seem to hold the embossing powder best.

Note: It doesn't matter what color your stamp pad is if you are using opaque embossing powder.  The powder will cover the stamp pad color completely.

Step Two: Work quickly to cover the stamped areas with embossing powder.  You want to make sure the design doesn't have much time to dry or the embossing powder will not stick.

Step Three: Lift card to remove excess powder. Gently tap to remove powder from the areas where there is no design, but be careful not to brush the design.  The embossing powder on the design isn't set until it's heated properly.

Step Four: Return the excess embossing powder to the container, close, and put to the side.  (Embossing powder makes a big mess if it spills.)

Step Five: Turn on your heat gun and hold it about 6 inches away from the design.  You will see the design begin to melt and go glossy.  To heat evenly, I usually move the gun vertically in a small up and down motion.

Step Six: The design will be dry pretty much right away, so now you can get creative with your coloring.  

Not Pictured:  I used the ruler and pencil to draw a line so that I could get write the text on the top of the card in a straight line.  I then lined the envelopes using the cute printed paper and double sided tape.  Lining envelopes is a fun new trick, I will make that a tutorial for another day!

Step Seven: Seal with some pretty washi tape. 

I like to make all my cards just a little bit different.  I really had a lot fun with these and I think they turned out great.

xo Bridget

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