Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Put Your Best Face Forward

Over the years, I have learned to fine-tune my makeup routine.  I am not an early riser, so my routine can't include too much - it's got to be simple and sweet.  I am always interested to see what other girls consider to be their makeup essentials so I thought I would share my perfect "face base" with you. Once I have this base on, it only takes me about two minutes finish up with some light shadow, mascara, blush and a swipe of gloss.

Here are my "face base" essentials:

1.L'Occitane Shea Butter:  I spotted this is my moms makeup drawer a couple of years ago.  She had seen an article where they talked about using this as a base for Rachel McAdams lipstick in a photo shoot.  She loved in so much that she bought two and I followed suit and got one myself.  This tin has lasted ages and is so smoothing. It is the perfect base for lipstick or gloss.  I think this has been discontinued but they have some other options on their website

2.Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance:  I actually bought this when it first came out in lieu of my usual Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer.  I worried that it might make my face too oily since it is not an oil-free formula, but it doesn't and I love it.  This is the third tube that I have purchased.

3.Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer in Nude:  Laura Mercer's Tinted Moisturizers are very popular and understandably so.  They give amazing coverage without feeling heavy.  I prefer a lighter feel to my makeup and this goes on so well and never feels like I even have anything on.  I have gone down the BB cream road, but have always come back to this tinted moisturizer.

4.Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Burring Brush:  I have always used sponges to apply my tinted moisturizer but was so intrigued with this brush during my last trip to Ulta.  When I first started using this brush I thought it was making my skin look greasy but after giving my makeup sometime to set, I was super happy with the results.  This brush gives a super flawless and airbrushed look and I'm a big fan.

5.Anna Sui Eye Brightener:  My mom and I discovered this eye brightener while we were shopping at the Anna Sui store in New York.  Anna Sui cosmetics are so fun and beautiful and they also all smell like roses.  I have never met an Anna Sui cosmetic that I didn't like.  We both agree this is the best eye shadow base, it’s got a beautiful sheen and it smells like roses.  Her store in Soho is always a must when we are visiting NYC.

6.Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Light Bisque:  Love this.  I also discovered this is my mom’s makeup drawer and went out to buy my own tube almost immediately.  It covers up and brightens my under eye area and I really notice the difference.  You know when people tell you that you look tired and you're not? This will fix that.

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