Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vanilla Coconut Muffins

A couple of Summers ago, my two best friends and I drove up to Bethany Beach, Delaware for the weekend.  My friend's mom has a house there and it's a lovely place for a weekend getaway.  On our last night, we went out for a relaxed meal at a local seafood restaurant (I wish I could remember the name) and the waiters came around with this huge breadbasket full of all sorts of breads and muffins.  I picked out what I thought to be a corn bread type muffin, but to my surprise it was full of sweet flakey coconut.  I had never had anything like it and I do love coconut, so I vowed to find a recipe to recreate these coconut muffins.  The other day, while I was on pinterest and going through some old likes that I had tucked away, I saw a recipe for coconut bread which reminded me that I still hadn't recreated those muffins.  Coincidentally, I came across a bag of coconut in my pantry that I had put away for Macaroons.  Well, I decided that was a pretty good sign to make those muffins and change the destiny of my purchased coconut.  I did some google-ing around and came up with this recipe for Vanilla Coconut Muffins.  If this sounds good to you - give them a try.  Turns out that I like this recipe as more of a breakfast muffin that a dinner bread, but I think you could serve them at dinner as well. They are particularly delicious warmed up with some butter and apricot jam!

  While I was reviewing my pictures, I realized that perhaps I whisked my eggs too hard (I don't think I was supposed to beat them - ha).  I think this resulted in tougher muffins, but who knows.  They were still delicious, but if you make them - try not to whisk your eggs as much as I did!

xo Bridget

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