Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Easy Peach Cobbler

Georgia is the peach state and living there, it could't be more obvious.   Without even trying, I can come up with roads, cities, and schools that all have Peach - something in the name.  In fact, we literally live 10 minutes from a giant peach orchard and cafe - renowned for its peach ice cream and peach cobbler.  All of these things coupled with the fact that it is peach season  can only equal one thing - peaches on the brain.  I picked up a few peaches the other day and decided that cobbler was in the cards.  I used the Easy Peach Cobbler recipe from Southern Living and it was just that, very easy. It was also very yummy - I paired it with some frozen vanilla greek yogurt - so I wouldn't feel TOO bad about my indulgence.

First, you peel and slice your peaches to get them ready to boil with sugar and lemon juice.  Meanwhile, you should have a stick of butter melted in your baking dish and the batter mix ready and waiting in a mixing bowl.

You don't stir any of the ingredients once you are adding them to the baking dish, which adds to easiness of this dessert.  After the butter is belted, you layer in the batter, which is followed by the peaches and a few shakes of cinnamon. 

The peaches all seemed to migrate to the middle of the cobbler. I might try to make my layering more even next time, but it was still delicious.  It's not the best looking dessert in the world, but as my mom so smartly commented "it looks like cobbler" - true!

xo Bridget

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