Friday, October 31, 2014

Joie De Vivre

Happy Halloween!  I am in awe of how fast this year is passing by, this week marks our one year anniversary of living in Georgia.  It is really starting to cool down here and it looks like it is going to be the perfect chilly Halloween night.  I loved Halloween as a kid like all kids do, but I think I may even enjoy it more now as an adult.  I love decorating the house and planning a cozy night in to hand out candy to all the neighborhood kids.  I must also admit that I love a good excuse to buy candy.  

Since we aren't in a permanent home and I don't want to accrue lots of things before we move, I have really enjoyed finding small and inexpensive ways to decorate.  Everything featured in this post came from either TJ Maxx, Target, or Michael's ( I made the wreath at the bottom). The only picture I didn't get is the most important - the front porch!  But, that's because we just last night purchased a pumpkin, which my husband and I will carve tomorrow afternoon before the night begins. Once we finish the pumpkin, I am going to make some yummy Taco Soup (you can read my post on it here) and try my hand at some sort of cornbread or muffin to accompany it, which you will probably see on the blog next week.  Whatever you plan to do, I hope you have a safe and spooky night.

xo Bridget

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