Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yummy Body Treats

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons for indulging in cozy, yummy scents.  Anything Vanilla, Creme Brûlée, Marshmallowy, or Brown Sugary Sweet is ok with me!  Here are some of my favorite yummy body treats and some others that I'd love to add to my bath time routine this year.  

Favorites that I own:

1.  Sara Happ "the lip scrub" in Brown Sugar: I bought this at a small apothecary about a year ago a and I love it.  It literally reveals a new shiny pair of lips and the brown sugar flavor stays on your lips long after you have wiped off the scrub crystals. 

2.  Philosophy Coconut Frosting Flavored Lip Shine: I don't yet own the Coconut Frosting flavor, but I am a big fan of the Raspberry Glazed flavor - this is a great lip gloss.  You can read more about my lip balm/gloss favorites in my gloss addict post by clicking HERE.

5.  Bath & Body Works Comfort Triple Moisture Body Cream: I got this lotion as a free gift with a coupon while I was in the store buying candles.  I can't even describe how wonderful this smells, the best description I can give you is the one on the label "Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow".  If that sounds good to you, give it a try - it's on sale right now as it is probably a limited edition for the Fall.  

6. Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise Cologne: Jo Malone scents are the loveliest.  I received this as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and I enjoy wearing it most during the winter and fall.  I usually spray my scarf with it too,  so on chilly days I can stick my nose in there and get a nice vanilla-y whiff.

xo Bridget

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