Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Croix Mojito

The other day, while I was on Pinterest, I came across this recipe for a Mojito using La Croix Lime Sparkling Water.  If you love La Croix waters (like myself) and fancy a light, refreshing cocktail then you must give it a try!  The fresh lime and mint really compliment the rum well - none of the flavors are too overpowering.  I could drink a lot of these - maybe not such a great thing - but the great thing is that they are practically guilt free.  The ingredients are easy enough to keep on hand and fast to whip up on an impromptu taco night if you so wish.

You can click on the link above or go on the La Croix website for the recipe, but it is literally so simple that I will also tell you here:  Put 10 mint leaves in the bottom of a glass and squeeze the juice of half of a lime on top.  Muddle the lime and mint together (I used a spoon).  Fill the glass with crushed ice and follow that with 2oz. of white rum and 4oz. of lime sparkling water.  Stir it up and enjoy!  The La Croix website is full of fun drink and cocktail ideas, I can't wait to try more.

xo Bridget

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