Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gloss Addict

So, this past weekend I did a thorough clean of the bathroom, which inspired me to go through my makeup.  I cleaned all my brushes, threw out some old shadows, and mascaras and was feeling quite good about it all.  Then I went on to clean through my vanity drawers and came across the above mess.  Looks like I've got a problem .. a lip gloss, lip balm, chapstick kind of problem.  Ok, I'll admit  it's not like I didn't know this was going on, but I seriously can't helping picking up lip stuff wherever I go.  I decided to really weed through to the essentials that I use everyday and share them with you.  Since I have accumulated so many, I should be some sort of expert, right? Below is my lipgloss chart and an explanation of why these are my favorites.  Kiss Kiss!

one . two . three . four . five . six . seven . eight . nine

one: Our local CVS just started to carry NYX and I love it.  I have heard a lot of great reviews about NYX butter glosses and it's all true.  Creme Brûlée is the perfect neutral for my face.

two: If I haven't eaten breakfast or had my coffee before I do my makeup, this is what I put on. It gives good moisture and lovely color and I don't have to worry about it all coming off on my food.  This is also a great one for when I'm popping out to the gym.

three: This is probably my favorite gloss.  It's not sticky at all and it gives the perfect glossy and rosy sheen (not to mention it tastes and smells like a raspberry filled doughnut).

four: No fuss favorite. This also smells great and looks great minus the glossy look of #3. I always keep this in my purse .. my all time favorite next to #3.

five: I bought this after it stared me down in the checkout area of CVS.  Can't go wrong with the moisture benefits of Vaseline, but this one is special because it's pink and has a nice rose scent.

six: This saved my lips this past winter and I fell in love so I now keep it on my bedside table.  If my lips are the slightest bit chapped I put this on - problem solved.

seven, eight and nine: While these are all great lip balms in their own way, my love for them is purely about scent.  I consider these three to be perfume balms, they emit this lovely smell when you put them on.  The Tokoyo Milk Clove Cigarette has this really wonderful clove scent, but you've really got to like cloves - I love this one when I'm out at night.  Rosebud Salve's Strawberry Lip Balm just reminds me of all my childhood Bonnie Bell's and Nivea Raspberry Rose is just lovely - exactly like it promises:  Raspberries and Roses.

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