Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Joie De Vivre: My Holiday To Do List

I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It's a nice short week for almost everyone, I hope.  My parents are en route to Georgia today and I can't wait to see them.  We are going to spend tomorrow cooking, walking the dogs, watching movies, and maybe working on a little Christmas decorating .  On Friday, we are escaping the Black Friday madness and heading down to Panama City Beach.  The fall has flown by and it will be nice to have a relaxing weekend at the beach together. 

With that being said, I am also really looking forward to the start of the Christmas season. With Thanksgiving being so late this year, I feel like the time before Christmas will just fly. I really want to be organized so that I can enjoy and make the most out of this holiday season. It didn't feel right to call it a bucket list, so I am calling it my to do list; a hopeful list of things I'd like to do to savor the holidays this year.

1. Spend a cozy afternoon drinking hot chocolate and writing my Christmas cards.
2. Dedicate a day to baking Christmas cookies.
3. Mull Cider and watch a Classic Christmas Movie.
4. Morning yoga and long dog walks every day.
6. Victorian Christmas & Drive Through Lights in a sweet Southern Georgia town.
7. Give to someone in need.
8. Go to church all four Sundays of Advent.
9. Find a good Christmas music station to listen to while I wrap my gifts.
10.  Get home for Christmas to see my family & friends.

What's on your list?
xo Bridget

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