Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Recent Beauty Buys

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1.  The Body Shop Tee Tree Concealer:  I bought this while I was in the UK and having some breakouts, but they sell it in the US as well.  I love the idea of an acne treatment and concealer in one. The price is great and it's small and convienent to go from my vanity to my purse.

2.  Butter London Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Toff:  I have talked about this lipstick before.  The pigment is great and it stays on and shiny for a long time.  This Toff color was a new pick and I find that it goes well with whatever makeup I'm wearing, I think it might be one of those colors that looks good on anyone.

3.  Tarte Light Camera Lashes Mascara: I got this off a recommend from someone at Ulta.  So far I am loving it.

4.  Neova Radiant Skin Cleanser:  I bought this on the suggestion of my dermatologist many years ago.  Sometimes I don't feel like splurging on it, but I always regret it.  It makes my oily and sometimes acne prone skin look radiant and feel refreshed. I won't stray again!

5.  Redken Curvaceous Ringlet perfecting Lotion: I have naturally wavy hair but, because it is so long, if I don't put anything on the ends it can look a little messy.  I put this on my ends after I shower and just lightly blow-dry.  A couple of days later I apply it again to freshen my waves.  

6.  Bite Best BITE Remix Set:  I spotted this on the Sephora website right about the time I decided to stop buying for myself until after Christmas.  I decided to make an exception for this cute and reasonably priced set.  They lip pencils are small, so it has been fun to try some new colors that I may not have wanted to purchase in the full size.  They have since sold out on Sephora, but they have a lot of great lip sets for the holidays, if you are interested (link here).

7. and 8.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner:  I purchased these during a promotion on  They were a splurge, but the Shampoo claims to keep your hair cleaner longer and the Conditioner claims to make your hair stronger overtime.  So far, I am really liking these. I have definitely noticed a (good) difference in my hair since I have been using them.

xo Bridget

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