Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Made in America

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For years, I spent the holiday season working in a toy store.  I loved my job especially at the holidays when I could get out on the sales floor and help customers find the perfect gift that I had helped pick out for the store.  Every year around the holidays, I would get a customer or two that would only want to be shown items that were made in the USA.  Well, as you can imagine, in a toy store that could be quite difficult.  I was usually able to help the customer find something, but was always frustrated with the slim choices. Since then, things made in the USA have really stood out to me.

Today, while I was working on some things in the house, I overheard an ad for ABC's "Made in America" series. I tested myself mentally to see if I could come up with some companies that make their products in America and it was a little embarrassing.  I decided I would do a post on great gifts that are also made in America.  

I came across this website with lots of great Made in America companies for future reference.  In this guide I tried to pick items that you might see out and about in shops.  I know Etsy and alot of the small companies listed on that website are handcrafted items made in the USA, but with online ordering time dwindling I thought it might be useful to list items that you are more likely to see while running your other Christmas errands.

Hope you find this interesting - I sure did!

xo Bridget

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