Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Cookies

This weekend I was pretty excited to get some fun things on my Holiday To Do List checked off.  One of those things and one of my most favorite things to do ever is bake christmas cookies.  I am really trying to be good and stay on track with my healthy eating between now and Christmas, but I couldn't not make cookies.  So, I decided to make some festive Christmas sugar cookies to give out as gifts.  

I've got a real weakness for pretty sugar cookies and I just love to make them myself.  I have a favorite recipe, which you can find in my post on Shamrock Sugar Cookies from back in March. The recipe is so simple and always makes a yummy cookie.  After that,  I just whip up some royal icing (I use meringue powder), and top them with some pretty sugar crystals.  

xo Bridget

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