Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stocking Stuffers

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1. Lush Bath Bubble Bar:  Love the idea of this little mistletoe in someone's stocking for a nice long bubble bath treat after a long Christmas day.

2. Swedish Soap: From the makers of the classic sea salt soap - I'm sure it smells great like their other soaps plus I love the festive packaging.

3. Fancy Charger Cable: Who couldn't' use an extra one of these? Cute and Apple approved.

4. Razor Holder: This thing is awesome. Slip it over your shave cream can and your razor sits in the prongs. Whoever invented this deserves a medal!

5. Peppermint Bark Bites: Everyone loves a little peppermint bark for the holidays.

6. Strawberry Lip Balm: I love this in the tin form but the tube form is much more practical. I always like fun little beauty goodies in my stocking.

7. Seven Year Pen: I bought this pen and love it, I've only had it two years but it's still kicking' - great stocking stuffer for anyone and so much prettier than the usual.

8. White Peppermint Truffles: Pretty packaging and fills up the little stocking gaps.

9. Happy Socks: Because they make you happy.

10. Cable Keeper:  This little goldfish will keep those pesky iPhone charger plugs and cables organized on the go or in your house.

11. Petite Candle: I love these candles and this size is great for someone who travels a lot or just to put on your bedside table.

xo Bridget

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