Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beauty Resolutions

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I can't remember the last time I made a new years resolution. What does that mean? I don't know.  What I do know is that I love a new year, it always feel like a fresh start and a new clean slate.  This year I decided to make a few beauty resolutions which, to be honest, aren't a big deviation from my current routine, but rather a good way to fine tune it for the new year.  All of these beauty routines tie into things that keep me healthy on the inside, which translates to feeling better and looking good on the outside.  Here's to a beautiful 2015!

1. Walk more/work out more -  My husband bought me this fitbit for Christmas and at first I was skeptical, but now I am really getting into it.  Because I drive so much for work, it's nice to see how many steps I am getting in a day.  It also tracks how many calories I burn in my gym classes and I can plug in my food to see how many calories I've consumed. I find that it has been a great way for me to keep my daily healthy eating and exercising in check, which I really appreciate. 

2. Eye Cream Everyday - I keep a jar of All About Eyes on my bedside table, but need to become more strict about applying it EVERY night.  Sometimes I forget .. and I've read that eye cream  is one of the best anti aging things you can do for your face.

3. Drink More Water - I've already cut sugary sodas out of my diet, but sometimes I forget to drink anything at all .. all day!  Taking a large bottle of ice cold lemon water with me everywhere is  my plan this year. 

4. Exfoliate - I bought these exfoliating gloves after reading that exfoliating your whole body before you shower will make your skin glow and generally make you feel better .. but I've only used them a handful of times.  Exfoliating is important and not just on your face! 

5. Take Care of My Hair - I used to use this miracle hair mask all the time and forgot how amazing it makes my hair look and feel until I recently received a sample with another product.   I am definitely adding this super hydrating and nourishing mask to my shower regimen again this year.

6. Purify - This luminizing black mask is one that I haven't purchased yet, but it's on my list.  I currently use a great exfoliator and face wash, but I don't have anything to actually pull the impurities out.  After researching and reading reviews, it looks like this is the one for me. 

7. Smile More - I scored this awesome toothbrush at a super steal during my last dentist appointment and it makes my teeth feel like I just left the dentist every time I use it. It makes me want to smile literally all the time.

xo Bridget

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