Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies

A couple of summers ago when I visited New York City, I made a list of foodie stops that I wanted to make.  One of the stops on my list was Fat Witch Brownie in Chelsea Market.  All of their brownies are amazing, but  I  really fell in love with their Red Witch Brownie, which is their original brownie with the addition of dried cherries.

Last Sunday night, before I left town for work, I was craving something sweet, but didn't have time to make anything from scratch.  I decided a remake of those chocolate cherry brownies would really hit the spot.

I cut the cherries up in halves, but you could also leave them whole if you wanted to.  I wanted more cherries throughout the brownies, so that was my reasoning for chopping them in halves.

After you make your brownie mix according to the instructions on the box, stir the cherries in. Now, you can just pour the mix into your prepared pan and bake.

These would be great if you wanted something a little more that just regular brownies to take to a party in a time crunch ..Yum!

xo Bridget

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