Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Unexpected Treasure

Back in September, my husband and I took a road trip from Ohio where we were living at the time to the area in Georgia where we would be living.  It was about a 10 hour drive, so we decided to find a fun half way point to spend the night.  I jumped at the opportunity to find a fun, new, place to explore.  I came up with Market Square in Knoxville, Tennessee and what an unexpected surprise it was!  We stayed right in the heart of the Market Square and really enjoyed sampling all the fun restaurants and wandering through the cute boutiques. 

The clothing boutiques were really unusual and I really wanted to find something to try on, but wasn't having much luck.  My husband pointed out this dress, which went unnoticed in my scanning.  I tried it on and loved it.  It's not something I would usually pick out for myself, but it has become one of my favorite dresses.  So, I had two surprises out of the trip : finding out how lovely Knoxville is and this dress.  I sure do hope I pass through there again one day.

If you are ever near Knoxville, you should check out Market Square.  We loved the Tupelo Honey Cafe  for a late night bite (homemade biscuits and blueberry jam - need I say more?) and the Mast General Store, which is a fun shop to mill around for some old fashioned candy and unexpected gadgets.

Belt: Target
Earrings & Ring: Beeline for Old Navy  (similar) and (similar)

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