Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Summer Reading List

one . two . three . four . five . six

Summer is my favorite time to read and also the time when I get the most books read.  I don't know what it is .. you would think with all that time huddled up in the winter months, that would be prime reading time, but nope - Summer it is.  There is something great about plopping down in a cozy spot out back or at the beach and taking advantage of the warmth and lingering daylight hours.  

I went through the Barnes and Noble website this week and picked out these six books, which I have decided to make my summer reading assignment.  I will say that #1 is my books clubs pick of the month so thats why that one is up there - looking forward to that.  I recently read Gilliam Flynn's "Gone Girl" and enjoyed it, so that brought me to #3.  The last one that had some meaning behind it was #4, I love Marian Keyes and have read most of her books, with the exception of this one.  All of the other books were picked off the bestseller list and just looked good to me.

What's on your summer reading list?

xo Bridget

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