Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Linguine with Tuna Puttanesca

During our first couple of months here in Georgia while I wasn't working, I really enjoyed working on my cooking skills and picking some new dishes to try.  One afternoon, I asked my husband what he wanted for dinner and he came up with this this recipe.  I was skeptical, because I'm traditionally not a fan of red sauce pastas or tuna, but it was awesome.  My husband now asks me to make it in large batches so that he can take it into work for lunch during the week.

This recipe is super easy and can be ready within 30 minutes, who doesn't love that!  We probably eat this with a salad for dinner once every two weeks.  The ingredients are easy to keep on hand if you need a last minute dinner and don't want to go to the store.

So, here it is, Linguine with Tuna Puttanesca:

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and add the linguine.
(by the time the sauce is done - the linguine should be al dente)

Thinly slice 4 cloves of garlic and sauté in warm olive oil and crushed red pepper.

Add kalamata olives and capers and fry.

Add plum tomatoes, but reserve juice: crush the tomatoes into the skillet with your hands.
(ok, so it says to crush whole tomatoes with your hands and seriously I was squirting tomato juice all over myself every time. So, I bought crushed tomatoes this time - it gave the sauce a thicker consistency.  I will go back to using the plum tomatoes next time.)

If you used the plum tomatoes: Let the tomatoes dry out a bit then add the reserved tomato juice. Let the sauce thicken.
Since I used crushed tomatoes, I only used half of the can.

Add the tuna in olive oil, break it up with a fork and give the sauce a good mixing.

Drain your pasta and divide into serving bowls. Spoon sauce on top.

All done and ready to be devoured!

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