Thursday, May 15, 2014

Take Out Menu Folder DIY

Once night while my parents were here visiting, we were feeling pretty pooped after a long day out and decided we wanted to get some take out.  My mom was super impressed when I pulled out my take out menu folder to look through our options.  She wanted to know why I hadn't made her one - ha!

I'll be flying there next weekend and since I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with her, I decided to spend Sunday afternoon whipping one up for her as a little surprise when I see her.  It's a silly little DIY, but it's great to have.  I made ours a short while after we were first married after seeing a similar option for sale in a shop.  

It got me to thinking what a great housewarming gift this little folder would make.  It's super inexpensive to make and you could add some more personal touches by filling it with some take out menus from local restaurants to the persons home.  

I purchased the reusable folder at CVS and the stickers/washi tape at Michael's.  All in, it probably cost me about $6.  I already had the letter stickers on hand.  I will say one helpful hint when trying to space out sticker letters is to spell them out onto wax paper before hand as a guide.  Just make sure you test to make sure the stickers you use will come off of the wax paper!

xo Bridget

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