Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Perfect Margarita

I don't need an excuse for a Mexican meal EVER.  So, every year when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, I definitely make Mexican a must.  I scanned through my cookbooks for some fun, new, recipes to try, however,  number one on my Cinco de Mayo checklist, was the perfect margarita.  I went back to my porch parties cocktail book, which I talked about here and found a recipe for the perfect margarita, which I tweaked to suit my tastes.

I decided to make a pitcher full so we could just relax out back with them and not have to worry about refills.  I don't like salt in my margaritas, so that's pretty much the only thing that I omitted.  The recipe says 2 oz. of Tequila and 1 oz. of Triple Sec to every 1.5 oz. of lime juice.  With the addition of lots of cut up limes and crushed ice, I found them to be the perfect strong for me.  If you wanted to make them a little weaker - just add a little less Tequila and Triple sec.  Ok, enough talking! Here's what I did:

Cut up your limes (I purchased 6 which yielded about 10 oz. of juice).

 Juice those babies (I like to add all the pulp to my juice, but you can leave it out if you wish).

Margaritas are ready for assembly! Pour your lime juice into the pitcher.

Add Tequila (8 oz. was enough for me) - less or more depending on how strong you want them.

Add your Triple Sec (4 oz.).

Give it a good stir.


This made enough for 4 pretty large margaritas and trust me, between the two of us, that was enough!
As part of the Mexican dinner that accompanied, I made these taco cupcakes (from pinterest), these shrimp tacos (from my Southern Living cookbook), and a guacamole salad (which is just shredded lettuce with some guacamole and veggies on top).  Perfect!


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