Thursday, June 26, 2014

4th of July Wreath

There is something really welcoming and lovely about a wreath on the front door. I have made wreaths for most of the major holidays/seasons of the year. It's a fun and inexpensive way to be festive and they don't take up too much room to store year round (I think they look great stored on a wall in the garage).  Since we are going to stay with my parents for the 4th and won't be here, I decided to make a 4th of July wreath for them.  The great thing about this wreath is it can go up for any patriotic occasion. 

My favorite place to go shopping for wreath supplies is Hobby Lobby.  They undoubtedly have the best selection of all things crafty.  I usually scan Pinterest and Etsy to get inspiration before I head to the store, but it's also really fun to go in with a open mind and get inspired by what's in the store.  I picked up all of my materials at Hobby Lobby and all together they cost me about $20.

Step One: Lay out all your materials on a covered surface (grapevine wreaths can be messy when you are arranging).  Play around with wreath balance; how your wreath will hang and where you want to arrange your flowers. 

Step Two: Once you have your flowers arranged, make sure you tuck in the stems so they don't stick out of the back.

Step Three: Take some time to fluff out the flower petals and arrange any other aesthetics.

Check it out!

Step Four: Add your final touches, in this case, a patriotic star.

(Note: Keep checking out your wreath as you go to make sure that you are happy with the balance.)

Final Step: Create a bow (if you wish).

A little more fluffing ...

Ta Da!

xo Bridget

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