Friday, June 13, 2014

Joie De Vivre

Happy Friday!  I don't have too many plans this weekend.  I am hoping to get out to a local Peach Festival that I've been hearing a lot about and do some work on my blog (it's been a little neglected with my new job). Other than that, I am just going to chill - we are looking at a rainy and hot weekend - so maybe going out to the movies is in the cards.  I would love to go see Maleficent on the big screen. I haven't done a Joie de Vivre post in a couple weeks, so these pictures are ones I've snapped over the past month or so - enjoy!

Fun beers al fresco at The Rookery.

New nude sandals = Summer wardrobe complete.

This little frog that hangs out on our front door in the evenings.

Fake wildflowers sitting on my dining room table, waiting to be made into something.

A face that I never get tired of photographing.

Hope you have a great weekend!
xo Bridget

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