Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Savory Sliders

This Saturday as we finalized our plans to travel home to VA for the 4th of July, I started to daydream about all my favorite Summer things that remind me of home.  One of them was grilling out, which is something my mom always does on the 4th - magically I began craving a barbecue.  I knew I couldn't wait until the 4th, so I flipped through my cookbooks to look for something unique that I could whip up for dinner.  I lucked out with my "How Easy is That?" Barefoot Contessa cookbook and found this recipe for Sliders and this recipe for Tarragon Potato Salad.  They both turned out great and definitely hit the spot!

 A simple and savory combination of olive oil, dijon mustard, minced garlic, and chopped thyme are used in this mix.  Add the ingredients to the ground beef and  lightly mix using a fork.

Form the meat into small round patties to fit the buns that you have purchased.  I was able to make 14 sliders with a pound of ground beef. The sliders will shrink up a bit when cooked.

About two minutes before the sliders are done, sprinkle some grated gruyere cheese over the tops and close the lid on the grill. After about two minutes, move the sliders on a platter and tightly cover with aluminum foil, while you toast the slider buns on the grill.

 So delicious!  These sliders were so fresh tasting and not greasy at all.  I used a very lean ground beef so that may have helped too!

Are you making any plans for the 4th?
xo Bridget

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