Monday, March 24, 2014

Mixed Metals

I really don't like to follow rules when it comes to fashion.  Trying different things has always been a big part of my personal style and mixing metals just seems natural to me.  I don't like to wear just gold or just silver jewelry, I like to mix it all together.  Maybe thats why these pants stood out to me when I first saw them. They are silver, gold, bronze and copper - they are everything.  

I love my skinny jeans, I really do, but there is just something so awesome about a big flared out bell.   Maybe it's the 70's child wannabe in me, but I think I'll always be drawn to them and I am so happy to see them coming back into fashion this Spring.

Pants: Free People (love these) and (these)
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Sunglasses: Beeline for Old Navy (Only sold in stores)

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