Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Wish List

Spring has begun here in Georgia.  Festivals and other outdoor events are starting to pop up everywhere.  We have done a lot of exploring in our immediate area and it now seems that we have exhausted most of those options. This Spring I want to hit the road and explore some new parts of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.  Here are some fun things on my wish list this for this Spring.

one. I have seen these books in shops here are there and am really kicking myself that I never purchased the Midwest version while we were living in Ohio.  I purchased this one off amazon the other day for a steal and am so excited for it to arrive in the mail.  I am hoping it will give us some fun new ideas of things to do and places to go together and when we have visitors.

two. Spring mornings and evenings are chilly.  Scarfs are the easiest accessory to throw on and off as the weather fluctuates throughout the day.  I love the blankety look of this one.

three. Soft jersey knit dresses are perfect for keeping comfy during road trips.  I love the color of this one and that it's short, but has long sleeves.

four. These sunglasses remind me of a sunset.  I need a new trendy pair of sunglasses and these are pretty cute.

five. There's something super fun about the colorful limited edition version of this classic bracelet.  It comes in a handful of different colors, but I like this one best for Spring and think I could wear it a lot year round.

six. I live in my moccasins.  These are a fun color and I like the beaded detail.  Moccasins are my go to exploring shoe.  They are practical enough to wear on a short nature hike or trail but also chic enough to wear into town to explore and grab a bite to eat.

seven. For a springy glow; I've heard a lot of great things about this illuminator.  I recently purchased the NYX version for $8 to try out before splurging $30 on this one.

What kind of plans or hopes do you have for this Spring?

xo Bridget

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