Thursday, March 20, 2014

Napkin Holder Makeover

I have been intrigued by the Smiley's flea market ever since we passed it on the highway during our first trip down to Georgia.  Last weekend, we were looking for something different to do and I was in search of some milk glass so we decided to go to Smiley's and check it out.  There wasn't much there that sparked my interest and I didn't find any milk glass, however, I did spot this butterfly napkin holder.  It was super worn down in the corners and the varnish was coming off in a few places, but for only a dollar, I couldn't complain.  My husband gave me the idea to sand it down and stain it to give it some new life, so I did just that.

Sanding by hand takes some strength and patience.  I just sanded it enough to remove the gloss of the varnish and smooth down some areas that were cracking.  Each time I sanded an area, I would brush away the dust with a paintbrush.

I picked up a rust-oleum stain in driftwood and some semi-gloss varnish at lowe's.  I think the two of them together cost me about $10.  Arguably not worth it for this $1 napkin holder, but I know I will find a way to use them on projects in the future.

I brushed on about two or three coats of stain with an old rag.  I let the stain dry for an hour and then applied the varnish with a paintbrush and let it dry overnight.

I love the result and I learned to do something new, which is always fun.

What's your best ever flea market find?

xo Bridget

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