Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Yoga Wish List

I have been loving yoga lately.  It's such a great way to unwind, meditate, and most importantly, stretch.  I find myself really looking forward to yoga hour, it's a time to be calm and really focus on my body.  Here are some things I would love to add to my yoga routine.

1) Magic Carpet Yoga Mat - When I can't make it to a class,  I sometimes practice at home and this mat is so pretty. I could see it as a permanent fixture on my bedroom floor.
2) Essie Nail Polish - With all the time I spend looking at my toes, I like them to be pretty.
3) Yoga Towelettes - For wiping down my hands, feet, and mat after class.  
4) Equa Hand Towel - I often do yoga after a cardio class where I get super sweaty.  This towel would be handy to have to keep my hands from sliding all over the mat.
5) Violet Mint Lip Tint - This lip tint gives you a tiny bit of color while keeping your lips hydrated.  It also has peppermint oil in it so it keeps your breathe fresh for all that breathing you do.
6) Space Dye Yoga Pants - I bought these over the summer in grey and I love them. They are super lightweight and stretchy yet supportive.
7) Yoga Scrunchies - To get my hair out of my face and into a chic yoga topknot.
8) Stargazer Flip Flops - Reef Flip Flops are my absolute favorite, they are super cushy and great for wearing to and from yoga (or anywhere, really).

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